Portrait photography

Are you looking for a professional portrait photo? As a photographer I make personal portraits, business portraits, accessible profile photos and studio portraits. Together we discuss what kind of portrait photo you have in mind. What do you want to radiate? what kind of ambiance should the photo (s) have? Which location; the studio or somewhere outside / inside on location? As a photographer in Amsterdam I have a wide selection of unique photo locations in and around Amsterdam, but also in other cities. I more then willing  to help you with the art direction of the photo(shoot). I think this is a fun part of the process. During the shooting you will be guided and you will receive instructions regarding posture and facial expressions. In between, we look at the results together in order to guide the process during the photo session. After the photo shoot you will receive the files in small format via wet transfer. From these files you choose yourself a selection (based on the chosen photo package) of photos that you want to have edited. You get these photos post-processed and sent back in high resolution via we-transfer.

Fore more info or interested in booking a shoot, Contact me here!

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